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Camden Locker LLC provides custom processing to our local producers and consumers. At this time, Camden Locker LLC is a 'Custom Exempt' processor; meaning that all product we process is 'not for retail sale'.


We are working on becoming able to provide full inspected product, that will be able to be sold retail. To be clear, this does NOT mean that Camden Locker LLC will become a retail meat store. That is not what our business model is. It means that our producers and customers will have the option to have their livestock processed under Ohio Department of Agriculture full inspection, and labeled as such; allowing them to market their product in a retail or wholesale environment.


Beef processing

  • Full service processing

  • "Kill and Chill" processing

  • 1/4 & 1/3 pound burger patties


Hog processing

  •  Full service processing

  • "Kill and Chill" processing

  • Sausage seasoning

  • Hams and Bacon curing & smoking (our hams & bacons are cured and smoked in-house)

  • 1/4 &1/3 pound sausage patties

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