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The Truster and Morrell families purchased the ongoing operations of Camden Locker in December of 2019. On January 1, 2020 Camden Locker LLC took over all operations. The Truster family has been raising cattle and selling freezer beef for many years. Purchasing Camden Locker was a step to ensure that we had access to quality processing for our own cattle for our customers. Mike and Stephanie Truster are managing partners of the operation, overseeing day to day operations. 


We provide full service Custom Processing services to livestock producers and their customers. We process beef and hogs, and we cure and smoke customer pork products in house. We do not send smoke meat out to other operations to be cured and smoked. 


When we took over daily operations at Camden Locker, the average weekly production was on average 6-7 beef per week. We have worked steadily to increase production and make improvements to the plant and operation. We are currently processing 20 beef per week as well as processing hogs. We have made numerous improvement to the building itself, and have started a extensive remodeling project that will have remodeled the entire plant once completed. 


Camden Locker LLC is a one of the few processors in Ohio that does not have retail sales in their operation. Our business model is 'Custom Processing', meaning that we simply process the livestock that is brought to us by producers for themselves and their customers. Camden Locker LLC is known for the lean trim we provide in our products to our customers. There are very few other processors who process ground beef and ground pork as lean as we do. This takes extra time and effort, but makes a excellent product. Our own livestock are processed at this operation, quality and attention to detail is just as important to us as it is to you.

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