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The easiest way (in our opinion) to get into the alleyway we are located in is by the following:

  • Take North Main street north from Central Avenue (at the stop light).

  • Turn right onto American Legion Way. This is a small side street that only goes to the right (east). 

  • Turn right into the first alleyway. 

  • Follow this alleyway toward Central Avenue, Camden Locker LLC will be on your left. 

  • If you pull into the alleyway from Central Avenue, you will have to turn around to unload your livestock. Our unloading chute faces Central Avenue.


If you are coming from the east 

  • Entering Camden on State Route 725, cross the railroad tracks coming into Camden.

  • You will pass Camden Hardware on your right hand side.

  • You will see 4J's Pizza on your right, followed by The Whiskey Bar. (Green sign).

  • Camden Locker is located in the alleyway BETWEEN 4j's pizza and The Whiskey Bar, on the right hand side. 

If you are coming from the west

  • Entering Camden on State Route 725, proceed east on Central Avenue (State Route 725).

  • At the stop light in the center of town (only stop light in Camden) proceed straight through the stop light.

  • Rons Pizza will be on your right hand side at this intersection.

  • On your left, you will see The Whiskey Bar, and 4J's Pizza on your left hand side. 

  • Enter the alleyway between The Whiskey Bar and 4J's Pizza, Camden Locker LLC is located in this alleyway on the right hand side.

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