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This page will provide a lot of need to know information about processing your beef and hogs at Camden Locker LLC. We realize this is a lot of information, but there are a lot of details to this process and each custom processor handles their operation differently. The goal of this page is to provide our customers (both producers and consumers) with the need to know information regarding how the process works at Camden Locker LLC, and what to expect when you hire us to process your livestock. 


This is a brief overview of our order of operations and what to expect. 



Camden Locker LLC books harvest dates (typically) up to 18 months in advance. We typically do not book harvest dates beyond 18 months into the future. We recommend scheduling your harvest dates in advance as far as you confidently able to do so, thus ensuring you have adequate processing dates for your livestock. Camden Locker LLC does not charge a deposit on booking harvest dates, we do expect that these dates are met and filled as requested however. If you will not have your livestock ready, sold, or other issues it is asked that you notify us as early as possible so that we are able to fill our schedule. We understand that things happen last minute, we farm and raise cattle that we sell as freezer beef ourselves; things happen beyond your control. However if you know ahead of time your livestock will not be finished at the time your dates are scheduled for, notifying us allows us to fill those dates with other customers AND very often we are able to work you into the schedule at a later date when your livestock will be ready for butcher. 


We call producers the week before the scheduled harvest date to confirm the date and to coordinate a drop off time. If we have not heard from you prior to this phone call, we expect that you intend to use the scheduled appointments. It is very important that you confirm your appointment(s) at this time. If we are unable to reach you (we make a very thorough effort) your dates will be filled so we keep our schedule full. If we leave you a message regarding confirming your appointment(s) you need to call / text back to confirm those dates. 


Camden Locker LLC coordinates (to the best of our ability) livestock drop off times with your schedule as well as our schedule. Camden Locker LLC does not have large livestock holding pens, so it is not possible for us to accept your livestock the day or night before your appointment. Also it is important that you arrive at your scheduled time so we do not have to many cattle or hogs arriving at one time. We HIGHLY recommend that you deliver your livestock in a trailer with a sliding rear door, so that you are able to backup tight to our unloading chute. Butterfly gate trailers are acceptable. We HIGHLY DISCOURAGE ramp door trailers (typically horse trailers). These trailers by physical design mandate the trailer to be farther from the unloading chute than we prefer and this compounds the chance that your livestock could escape. Livestock are NOT the responsibility of Camden Locker LLC until they are INSIDE our building and secured. It is expected that each producer will provide Camden Locker LLC with the name, address and phone number of the customer/consumer each portion of each carcass at the time of drop off. By State of Ohio Law, the livestock are required to be owned by the consumer at the time of slaughter for Custom Processing. Livestock drop off forms are available (under the Forms tab) or you can fill them out at the time of drop off. 


Our cutting instruction forms are available under the "Forms" tab above. Some producers prefer to collect the cutting instructions from their customers themselves. Otherwise, we will contact each customer directly to review their cutting instructions. We HIGHLY prefer that customers wait for us to contact them regarding their cutting instructions. This helps to lower the amount of phone calls and messages / voicemails that need to be responded to. Typically, phone calls to review cutting instructions are made about 7 days after the livestock drop off date. If a customer is needs assistance regarding certain cuts or details of their cutting instructions, we are happy to help explain the cuts. Otherwise, we assume that customers are aware of what each cut is. Customers also need to be aware of the effect their cutting instruction selections can have on their yield (bring home weight) of their order. 


Camden Locker LLC typically ages beef carcasses approximately ten days. Often lightweight under-finished cattle are processed earlier than 10 days as a carcass with little to no fat cap (covering) will not age well. When your carcass is up in line to be processed it is processed to the specifications that you provide and then frozen. Typically phone calls for order pickup are made the day that your order is processed or the following day. 


Orders are able to be picked up 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Saturdays are typically 9:00 to 10:30 am, but it is HIGHLY recommended to verify Saturday pickup hours before hand. Customers should plan to bring coolers, boxes or other suitable containers with them to transport their order home. Payment for processing is due at time of pickup, we accept cash, check or credit / debit card. If you note any issue with your order, we ask that you notify us immediately. It is very hard to address any issue weeks or months after your order is picked up. Generally speaking, we expect that orders are picked up within one week of completion. If you are not able to pickup your order within this time, we ask that you notify us so that we are aware of when you are going to pickup your order. We have adequate freezer space for our normal ongoing operations, however when customers do not pickup their orders in a timely manner it creates a logistical issue for us. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Furthermore, in the event an order(s) are not picked up and we are not able to reach the customer the order will disposed of. ANY ORDER THAT IS NOT PICKED UP WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PROCESSING WILL BE DISPOSED OF, UNLESS ARRANGMENTS SATISFACTORY TO CAMDEN LOCKER LLC HAVE BEEN MADE, AND ALL INVOICES FOR SERVICES RENDERED WILL BE EXPECTED TO BE PAID IN FULL. 


Just as each processor operates their business in a different manner and have different procedures, each processor cuts and trims a little different than the next. It is important to have a clear understanding of what to expect as a customer. We strive to provide each customer with a excellent product; however we are human and mistakes sometimes happen. In the event a mistake is made, we will do our level best to make it right with the customer. We appreciate cordial cooperation in such an event. 

MINIMUM CHARGE - Camden Locker LLC has a minimum weight charge on beef carcasses. Carcasses weighing less than 650 pounds hanging weight will be charged a minimum charge equal to 650 pounds at our standard rates. 

TRIM - We trim lean. Our steaks and roasts are trimmed, bone chined, and bone dust is scraped before being packaged. Our burger and sausage is trimmed very lean, our standard is 90/10. We are very mindful to trim any gristle, bone, tendons, etc. before grinding burger. This will result in a lower yield and a very high quality product. 

PACKAGING - We vacuum seal your orders. Each package is labeled with the date, order number, cut description, and customer name. Burger and sausage is packaged in chub bags. Hamburger patties and bacon are packaged in a zip lock vacuum seal bag so that you are able to use a portion of that package and re-seal it. 

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