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Welcome to Camden Locker LLC. 

We are still constructing this website (our previous website crashed a couple weeks ago), and will be adding more content as we are able to put it together. Currently we have added the most important information. 

Camden Locker LLC is your small town, family owned custom processor.

We provide processing services to local livestock producers and consumers; processing beef and hogs. 

We are currently booking slaughter dates for 2023 and 2024. Over the last two years, we have been making improvements to our operation to increase production. This has allowed us to offer more slaughter dates to our customers. If you are looking for processing dates, please give us a call and we will make our best attempt to fulfill your needs.

PLEASE review the information provided under the "Need to know" tab above. 


If you are looking to purchase a beef or hog to have processed, visit This is the website to our family farm, we will be glad to provide you with a whole, half, quarter beef and or a whole or half hog!

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